Global Healthcare Group (GHG) is a healthcare staffing company specializing in staffing solutions for government and private sector clients across the United States. Since our inception in 1999 in Harrisburg, PA, GHG has grown into a thriving national organization, providing our clients with premier healthcare professionals on a temporary, per diem, or full-time basis. Our mission at GHG is to understand the unique needs of our clients and provide them with result oriented, cost effective, and reliable solutions by providing innovative workforce solutions

Doctor shortage leads to greater use of PAs and NPs as temps

Nurse staffing affects pediatric outcomes

Does a Temporary Employee Have Rights Under the FMLA?

Top pay for new nurses
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Global Healthcare Group (GHG) is a healthcare staffing company specializing in staffing solutions for government and private sector clients across the United States. Since our inception in 1999 in Harrisburg, PA, GHG has grown into a thriving national organization, providing our clients with premier healthcare professionals on a temporary, per diem, or full-time basis. Our mission at GHG is to understand the unique needs of our clients and provide them with result oriented, cost effective, and reliable solutions by providing innovative workforce solutions.


At GHG, we feel that our history and reputation speaks for itself. In the last twelve years of our operations, GHG has been certified as the thirteenth fastest growing company in Central Pennsylvania. Our network boasts a multitude of successful and continuing business partnerships; a direct result of our dedication to quality and excellent performance. Whether local, state, or federal government entities or Fortune 500 companies, GHG provides prime healthcare staffing services to more than 300 facilities nationwide. The staffing solutions we provide run the gamut of healthcare professions, including but not limited to:

Therapy Staffing | Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists
Physician Staffing | Physicians, Physician Assistants
Home Healthcare Staffing | Home Health Aides
Pharmacist Staffing | Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
Medical Staffing | Physicians, Internists, Psychiatrists and Hospitalists
Allied Health Staffing | Medical lab Technicians, Radiology, Ultrasound, MRI and CT Technologists
Nursing Staffing | Registered Nurses and Surgical Technologists
Dental Staffing | Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistants

Our glowing and rich history can guarantee you a cost-effective and efficient solution to your staffing challenges.


At GHG, we are determined to take your career where you want it to go. Whether you are in the market for part-time or full-time work, we are as invested in your future goals and career development as you are. After all, our employees represent GHG and the level of quality that we consistently strive to maintain. We vigorously search for the best possible placements for our employees in order to match your goals and ambitions. Our hardworking staff will keep you informed and guide your through each placement process. GHG has successful and longstanding relationships with government agencies, leading healthcare organizations, and patient-care facilities because of the success we’ve garnered in the placement of highly qualified professionals such as yourself.

Telephone |
(800) 364-1218

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Fax |
(888) 364-1218

(717) 545-4311

Address |
2151 Linglestown Road

Suite # 170

Harrisburg PA 17110

allied health

GHG’s Allied Health staffing works with medical facilities across the nation in order to provide efficient solutions to each applicant’s requests. Nearly 60% of the healthcare field consists of Allied Health professionals, and in consideration to the multitude of backgrounds involved within Allied Health, GHG specializes in support of all applicants who specialize in this demanding division.


GHG offers cost-effective and creative staffing solutions in order to enhance employment opportunities for all available openings. From recruitment to placement, GHG wants to handle every aspect of the candidate’s staffing process.

GHG and our partner agencies have one goal in common: efficient healthcare by way of reduced stress from staffing concerns. We do so by customizing career development plans, a process which includes utilizing each and every resource we have for the sole purpose of suiting your needs no matter what discipline you are under.

Our services include:
• Permanent placement
• Temporary-to-permanent
• Long and short term contract
• Per diem
• Travel

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Therapist


X-ray Technician
CT Technician
MRI Technician

Nuclear Medicine Technician
Sonography (OB/GYN, Vascular,Echo, Perinatal)
Mammography Technician
Cath Lab Technologist
Special Procedures Technician
Interventional Radiology Technician


Physical Therapist
Speech Therapist
Occupational Therapist


Medical Technologist (MT/MLT)
Clinical Lab Scientist


EEG Tech Jobs
Polysomnography (Sleep) Technician
Respiratory Therapy Jobs (RRT & CRT)

Currently looking for:

All Allied Health professionals


GHG staffs recognized institutions with hardworking, talented professionals like you, all for the overall improvement of dental care.

At GHG, our specialized and in-depth knowledge of the dental industry allows us to commit ourselves to you and your aspirations. GHG will match dental professionals based on all backgrounds and necessities, whether it is on a temporary or permanent basis with healthcare organizations nationwide.

GHG has delivered for applicants in the following specialties:
• General Practice
• Pedodontics
• Endodontics
• Orthodontics
• Periodontics
• Prosthodontics
• Oral Surgery

Permanent Staffing

GHG finds any and every creative solution available in order to meet a candidate’s career goals and an organization’s staffing requirements. Permanent dental jobs have become a growing segment in the dentistry field. At GHG, our team of staffing experts is dedicated to researching these trends and finding the right opportunities for our candidates. We work hand-in-hand with dental professionals to secure permanent or temp-to-perm dentist jobs. By utilizing our vast network of hospitals, private practice, and outpatient centers, we will make the difference in finding the ideal position for you.

Travel Staffing

GHG’s well-knit relationships within a host of private and group practices (e.g. community health centers, correctional facilities, and government agencies, etc.) builds upon our already extensive experience in meeting candidate’s travel staffing needs. Coupled with our expert knowledge and extensive network, GHG is in the prime position to advance your career ambitions. In response to the demand for qualified personnel, we provide ideal solutions with a staffing team that is specialized in matching candidates with a growing number of dentistry jobs across the United States.

Home Care

Home health aides provide assistance to those who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired. In addition, they provide assistance to the elderly who are unable to perform all daily functions of life on their own.

GHG Home Care provides help with activities such as personal care, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping and maintaining a safe environment for those in need of these services.

With an expecting average employment growth of 70% from 2013 to 2020, GHG is always looking for qualified, caring and compassionate home health aides in Central Pennsylvania. We offer a competitive hourly rate and benefits package as well as ongoing training to ensure our home health aides preserve and continue to improve upon their skill sets.

Home health aides are required to complete a written competency evaluation as well as a hands-on demonstration of their skills. All aides are required to complete twelve hours of continuing education classes per year that can be logged online. Our rigorous assessments ensure that skilled and qualified professionals shine above the rest, allowing for expedient and effective job placement.

GHG welcomes compassionate, understanding, professional home health aides who wish to contribute to our mission of providing unrivaled health care through comprehensive yet affordable services.


Currently looking for:

Home Health Aides


We want you to be able to maintain your commitment to patients and have one less thing to stress over. GHG offers our candidates a range of services from locum tenens to permanent practice placement opportunities throughout the United States.

Our staffing service constitutes a wide range of physician specialty fields, including:
• Anesthesiology/CRNA
• Emergency Medicine
• Family Practice
• General Surgery
• Internal Medicine
• Occupational Medicine
• Pediatrics
• Radiology
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Hospitalist
• Neo-Natology
• Cardiology

Permanent Staffing

As a physician, a promising option for your career may be long-term employment. Physicians are in high demand in many areas of the country and GHG is your best resource in networking yourself into a steady future. As a national staffing company, GHG guarantees you will achieve a greater success with our goal of helping each physician find a job that meets his or her career. We want to find a position that can perfectly fit your differing career objectives, income requirements, and personal needs.

Travel Staffing

There are many reasons for one to choose to become a travelling physician. At GHG, we are dedicated to understanding your reasons and assisting you with finding the best position for your preferences. Whether you are coming out of residency, mid-career, or approaching retirement, GHG will always be able to provide for you the option to work, travel, and have fun.

Locum Tenens Staffing

Organizations are often in need of temporary physicians during ongoing permanent searches, peak usage periods, vacations or other absences to offset the increasing demand of qualified physicians within a community. GHG is connected with many healthcare institutions across the country to put you on the fast track to these coveted positions. As a locum tenens, you benefit with the flexibility to experiment with multiple professional environments. You can count on GHG to give you creative options and continuous support so you can simultaneously enjoy your work and progress your career.


Whatever your employment preferences may be, GHG has the resources and network to place you into the pharmacy opportunity that suits you best.

We provide pharmacy staffing to most of the specialties including, but not limited to:

• Retail pharmacies
• Hospital pharmacies
• Clinics
• Home infusion
• Long term care and
• Government institutions
• Correctional facilities
• Community health centers
• Specialty pharmacies to hospital systems

Temporary Staffing

GHG covers emergencies and contingencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to offer our services to licensed pharmacists and qualified technicians. GHG has well-established relationships with a large pool of pharmacies and related organizations in the United States. We understand the appeal and necessities of travel pharmacy jobs, and by simply relaying to our staffing teams your preferences we can match you anywhere in the country.

Permanent Staffing

If you prefer a local position, GHG has the right resources and personnel to meet your employment requirements. You can rely on GHG to secure permanent, full time positions for you. GHG has longstanding relationships with reputable local and national organizations and as a result, we have a comprehensive database that allows us to match our candidates with top-rated pharmacies and pharmaceutical intuitions with their requested vicinities.

Currently looking for:

Pharmacy Technicians


With our national presence, GHG has the resources to meet any and every demand in therapy staffing. We provide contract, temp-to-perm, per-diem, and direct placement to hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and clinics both in urban and rural locations. At GHG, we are confident that your ideal therapy placement does exist.

Permanent Therapists

As a GHG candidate, you will have all our resources at your disposal – individual attention, professional guidance, and a well filtered nationwide network.

Let us represent and help you in order to gain the comfortable schedules and the best possible compensation and benefits you are seeking.

Travel Therapists

Whether you are looking for a shorter workweek, supplemental work, or simply a different work setting, we provide itinerant staffing solutions. Hospitals always need extra hands to cover for maternity and paternity leave, vacation coverage, short-staffed and disability coverage,and GHG is committed to matching you with these available openings to benefit both you and our client.

Foreign Therapists

If you are a foreign physical therapist or occupational therapist seeking to develop your career in the United States GHG can help. We are the catalyst that can result in foreign professionals becoming certified healthcare therapists in the United States. Our team will give you the individual attention needed in order to delineate a plan for success.

Licensure Guide

Physicial Therapists

Step 1: TOEFL (English Exam)
Step 2: Credential Evaluation
Step 3: Visa Screen
Step 4: State Eligibility
Step 5: NPTE Exam
Step 6: H-1B Visa

Occupational Therapists

Step 1: TOEFL (English Exam)
Step 2: Credential Evaluation
Step 3: NBCOT Exam
Step 4: State License
Step 5: Visa Credential Verification (VCVC)
Step 6: H-1B Visa

state licensing


At GHG, we have an innate understanding of the challenges and expectations involved in providing distinguished healthcare professionals to defense and civilian government agencies across the nation.

Our commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions to any and all staffing challenges has earned us longstanding and successful business relationships with government and commercial clients. GHG’s dedicated team of professionals provides a focused approach to contract management services, all the while ensuring that we accommodate all procedures required for government agencies. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide highly qualified and experienced personnel within the entire spectrum of the healthcare delivery system, all made possible by the impressive scope and financial stability of GHG, as well as having been awarded a contract to operate under a Federal Supply Schedule through the General Services Administration. Our peerless customer service and our strategic approach to staffing is what separates GHG from our competitors.

GHG’s method of contract management ensures that our clients receive services that exceed their expectations while providing feedback for continuous process improvement, employee development, and quality control. For every level of employment, our time-tested system of managing contracts maintains contact with the client to monitor and augment performance. Our extensive review processes ensures that we provide only the highest level of healthcare professionals who can stand up to critical peer review.

Our approach to contract solutions is built upon hiring and recruiting the finest quality personnel, applying appropriate and knowledgeable staff to each task order, and constant review and feedback from the client. This allows GHG to anticipate and surpass the needs of the client, while still maintaining competitive pricing with absolutely zero compromise in the quality of our services.

Our past and present clients include:

• City of Philadelphia – Prison Health Services
• Department of Agriculture – Forest Services
• Department of Air Force
• Department of Army
• Department of Labor – Job Corps Centers
• Department of Navy
• Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of Prisons
• State of New Jersey
• State Corrections Institute – State of Pennsylvania
• Department of Veteran Affairs – Veteran Affairs Medical Center


Business Development
Case Managers
Health Educators
Social Worker
Operations Research Analysts
Allied Health
Cardiographic Technicians
Cardiovascular Technologists
Electrocardiogram Technicians
Emergency Medical Technicians
Laboratory Technicians
Medical Technicians
Medical Assistants
Medical Billing Medical Coders
Medication Technicians
Nuclear Medicine Technologists
Occupational Health Technicians
Optometrist Paramedics
Radiologic Technologists
Respiratory Therapists
Surgical Technologists
Ultrasound Technologists
Dental Assistants
Dental Hygienists
Physician Assistants
School Psychologist
Certified Nursing Assistants
Charge Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Nurse Aides
Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses (RN)
Registered Nurse Supervisors
School Nurse, LPN
Pharmacy Technicians
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Physical Therapist Assistants
Speech Therapist
Speech and Language Pathologist

GHG provides a wide range of services for nurses who want to further their careers. We provide permanent, contract, temp-to-perm, and per-diem placement to hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes and clinics nationwide.

Permanent Nursing

GHG administers permanent staffing services for Registered Nurses through our extensive network of premier healthcare institutions across the country. We consistently maintain and update a multitude of jobs and positions within our database. With such a large database at your disposal, we can accurately assist you in finding a position that suits you best in order to plan for your future.

Travel Nursing

GHG offers numerous options for candidates who choose to work in travel nursing. We receive and provide countless requests to fill last minute staffing needs, vacation coverage, sick leave, seasonal coverage, medical and/or maternity leave. Your availability is the only factor in determining how quickly we can find you a travel nursing position.

Foreign Nurse Opportunities

If you are seeking a Registered Nurse position in the Unites States, GHG offers many possibilities to effortlessly create and develop your career. We guide you through the certification process to become a licensed professional in the United States through personal, one-on-one interactions that are clear, informative, and beneficial to you. Our team works hard to ensure that all nurses will have positive, educational experiences resulting in your placement as an RN in the United States.

Licensure Guide

Registered Nurse

Step 1: Credential Evaluation
Step 2: State Eligibility
Step 3: NCLEX Exam
Step 4: IELTS/TOEFL (English Exam)
Step 5: Visa Screen
Step 6: Green Card

state licensing


Doctor shortage leads to greater use of PAs and NPs as temps
Hospitals and health systems are increasingly turning to temporary physician assistants and nurse practitioners during staffing shortages, according to a new survey. Staff Care, a national temporary health care staffing firm, reported that requests for temporary PAs and NPs constituted 10% of requests in 2012, while in 2010 it made up about 2% of requests.

Nurse staffing affects pediatric outcomes
It is widely understood that healthcare organizations experiencing staff shortages are struggling to meet the needs of their patient populations while simultaneously focusing on cutting costs. As much as recent healthcare reforms underscore the importance of cost-efficiency in the healthcare industry, providers cannot afford to sacrifice quality of care to meet updated financial goals

Does a Temporary Employee Have Rights Under the FMLA?
If a contingent worker on assignment takes leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, must the client accept the worker back once he or she returns from FMLA leave? Assuming the temporary employee meets the FMLA’s eligibility criteria, and assuming that both the staffing company and the client employ at least 50 employees*, both will have FMLA responsibilities toward temporary employees.
Top pay for new nurses
Where in the U.S. are new nurses receiving top pay? Let’s wrap up our tour of the U.S. by taking a look at the Midwest (get our round up for the West Coast here, the East Coast here and the South here). Keep in mind that the facts and figures are mostly related to new nurses, and numbers might be higher for nurses with more experience or for those in specific specialties.

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